The ultimate in fishing tackle, a good pontoon boat will virtually catch fish for you … and the larger pontoon boats are just waiting for you to bring the party on board!

Colorado Pontoon Boats

Colorado Pontoon Boats

The Colorado pontoon boats range from Classic Accessories is simple, easy-to-operate and offers quick assembly. Ideal light recreational fishing pontoons!

SeaEagle Fishing and Recreation boats

SeaEagle Fishing and Recreation boats

Campers and RV enthusiasts who want to spend their vacation time exploring the great outdoors should check out these portable boats.

Colorado Pontoon Boats

Outcast Pontoon Boat Reviews

Read any Outcast Boat product review and you’ll see exactly why keen anglers love inflatable Outcast boats.

Colorado Pontoon Boats

Sea Eagle Product Reviews

With a unique folding support system that can be inflated and assembled in 5 minutes … just one of the reasons why Sea Eagle is so popular.

fishing pontoon boats

Fishing Pontoon Boats

Are fishing pontoon boats really a sensible option for catching fish? Yes! Any keen fisherman is sure to have a boating preference.

Agile Pontoon Fishing Boats

Agile Pontoon Fishing Boats

Apart from catarafts, these fishing pontoons have less of the tube in the water per foot of tube, which means less resistance.

Colorado Pontoon Boats

Inflatable Pontoon Boats

For years, kayaks have typically been thought of as the ultimate recreation boat, but is all that about to change?

Minn Kota Pontoon Boat Bow Mount Motors

Minn Kota Pontoon Boat Bow Mount Motors

Invest in the renowned power of a Minn Kota trolling motor for your next cruise around the lake.

advice on inflatable fishing pontoon boatsHaving difficulty choosing which pontoon fishing boat is right for you?

Pontoon boats are ideal fishing boats but your choice depends on the type of fishing you like to do, and the type of water you’ll be using your boat in.

Hi, I’m Martin and we’ve reviewed the most popular fishing pontoon boats including craft from the leading brands of Colorado, SeaEagle and Outcast. Here’s a quick summary to guide you through to the review to choose your perfect boat.

Whether you’re a keen angler looking for the portability offered by the Outcast ‘PAC’ range weighing in from a very light 52 lbs, or the more experienced angler who is wanting greater stability found in the popular ‘Fish Cat’ the diverse range from ‘Outcast’ boasts some impressive features as standard.

The Colorado range of recreational fishing pontoons hit the mark with simplicity, quick assembly and easy operation. Offering durability and agility in still water runs – they are specifically designed for fishing and this recreation boat is perfect for lake fishing.

For strength but still easily managed the ‘Seaeagle foldcat’ with its strong 1000 denier reinforced inflatable hull and a full floor – gives you more space to carry your fishing gear.

Needing versatility? The Seamax 12.5ft Ocean 380 Inflatable Pontoon Boat with an aluminum floor is a heavy duty design, giving you more options for taking on vacation with you whether for exercise, fishing or just having fun outdoors.

Looking for best prices for inflatable fishing pontoon boats? We’ve sourced them.

Check out our reviews and find your ideal boat for fishing.

Pontoon Boat Accessories

For the larger pontoon boats, accessories can add an extra level of comfort to your boating experience. These boats are extremely popular, and for very good reason. They can be used for many purposes and can accommodate a large group of people in comfort. Accessories for pontoon boats range from the practical necessities to the luxurious.

Inflatable pontoon boats make it easy for keen anglers to navigate the river. Being lightweight and portable, these boats are transforming the way we vacation, exercise, and have fun outdoors.