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The ultimate in fishing tackle, a good pontoon boat will virtually catch fish for you … and the larger pontoon boats are just waiting for you to bring the party on board!welcome

Pontoon boats come in a wide range of sizes from lightweight single-person pontoon boats to large party pontoons complete with barbecue, furniture, mood lighting and more.

Owning a pontoon boat provides a range of opportunities for lake and river recreation. The options are many. Whether you want to go fishing from your foldable pontoon boat, entertain your family and friends on your pontoon party barge or explore quiet waterways in solitude, a pontoon boat can provide the perfect platform.

If you’re still exploring the possibility of pontoon boat ownership you might want to try renting a pontoon boat before you buy. If you already own a boat you may be looking for a pontoon enclosure, a pontoon boat cover, a boat lift or pontoon boat parts and accessories. Either way, there is a wealth of information available to you at the pontoon boat site.

Compare mini pontoon boats and read our pontoon boat reviews to find the ideal boat for your purpose. There is even a page on the best mini pontoon boat.

And don’t forget about boat insurance! We have an entire section on boat insurance that will explain why insurance is necessary and help you to decide on the right insurance product for your boat.

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