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Check out any Outcast Boats product review and you’ll see exactly why keen anglers love inflatable Outcast boats. Made from high quality PVC, boasting double-stitched or even welded seams, featuring secure D-ring fastenings, and with vinyl airecells as standard on many models of Outcast boat, it’s easy to understand why Outcast continues to dominate the market. Outcast Boats have some of the most diverse ranges of inflatable pontoons available. There are some impressive features that are included on many Outcast models that are standard across the board and make these pontoons an excellent choice for fishing. Most Outcast boats have these 2 outstanding features.

1.State-of-the-Art Design

The ‘rocker’ design, which is exclusive to Outcast Boats, gives the pontoon sections a continuous curve that enable the boat to glide effortlessly over rough waves. This improves stability that’s essential for fishing. It also allows anglers to explore new bodies of water where the waves are perhaps a little too high for most inflatable pontoons that have a river rating of 1.

2. Integrated Gear System

A common problem we’re seeing with inflatable ‘fishing’ pontoons today is that many are not particularly equipped to facilitate angling, requiring many modifications to bring them up to standard. Not so with Outcast. Their ‘IGSystem’, or ‘integrated gear system’ is a universal system that holds most major brands of anchors, rods, and cargo pockets for full customization.

Compare the PAC Range

Outcast PAC 1200 Pontoon – PAC models are designed to ensure the best stability possible in a wide range of water conditions ‘PAC’ stands for ‘personal adventure crafts’, and the Outcast PAC range is specifically designed for fishing. There are many boats within the PAC range: PAC 800, PAC 800FS, PAC 900, PAC 900 FS, PAC 1000, PAC 1000 FS, PAC 1200, PAC 1300, and PAC 1400. This begs the questions  ‘Which is the best?’ and ‘What’s the difference?’

● Capacity

While the 800, 900, and 1000 models are designed for one person, the 1200, 1300, and 1400 accommodate two people, so which boat is right for you really depends on personal preferences. However, it’s important to note that the smaller, lighter models typically have very low weight capacities – the PAC 800, for example, is designed for anglers under 175lbs due to a 300lb total limit.

● Portability

Inflatable fishing pontoons don’t come much more portable than the PAC 800, which weighs just 52lbs making it one of the lightest on the market. The 900 and 1000 are also much lighter than some competitors, such as the Colorado boats from Classic Accessories that weigh around 80lbs. The larger models weigh upwards of 100lbs and may require a trailer to get them down to the lake.

● Storage & Space

If there’s a downside to the PAC 800, it’s that storage is somewhat lacking, making this model only really suitable for very short trips out on the river. The 900 upwards have much more storage space for supplies and equipment, and can reasonably be used for overnight trips or for even longer. The PAC 1400 is the most spacious model in this range offering plenty of room.

● Operation

The good news is that every boat in the PAC range is easy and simple to operate, even for a single person. While the heavier boats may require a little more effort, the PAC boats range in size from 8 foot to 14 foot, so they’re certainly not the largest pontoons you’ll see out on the river. If you’ve ever operated an 18 footer or above you’ll know what I mean. You’ll have no trouble guiding these boats around the waters.

● Stability

Stability is something that Outcast Boats takes very seriously. All PAC models are designed to provide the best stability possible in a wide range of water conditions. The PAC 1400 is the widest of the models, perhaps offering the most stability out of the lot. If stability is your main concern you should find that the secure platforms and high quality pontoon sections on these tick all the boxes for you.

● Size

Size is all about personal choice, and the size of the pontoons vary from a small and compact 8 foot to a comfortable, mid-sized 14 foot. If you’re looking for a compact size without compromising on quality or features, Outcast themselves recommend the PAC 1300 – it’s got all the same features as the 1400, but is shorter and narrower for easy navigating of winding rivers.

● Customization

The beauty of the bigger PAC boats is that they offer more opportunity for customization and tailoring your fishing boat to your exact specifications. With the PAC 1200 and above, buyers can opt for a stable oarsman platform (sold separately), that provides a safe and secure area to stand, creating more freedom for fishing from any angle, and providing a more comfortable environment.

● Quality

The PAC range is high quality as is. But if you want to step it up even further, they don’t come much better than the FS models. The PAC 800, 900, and 1000 are all available in FS versions The difference between the ranges is the FS versions are made with Ferrari PVC fabric for greater durability and longevity. There’s not really any difference in day-to-day operation though.

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Review of the Fish Cat Range

Experienced anglers looking for smaller, more compact, and easy-to-operate vessels for one-man overnight expeditions should take a look at the Outcast Fish Cat range. The Fish Cat range is designed for the more serious and experienced angler. but, as this Outcast pontoon boat review demonstrates, these boats are ideal whatever your skill level.  

The Fish Cat Panther and Fish Cat 10-IR are very similar, despite their different names.

The Fish Cat IR is the larger of the two at 10 foot and 91lbs, compared to the 9 foot and 67lbs of the Fish Cat Panther. However, the smaller Panther is perhaps more stable and durable, with 4 chambers instead of 2 and welded rather than sewn seam construction. You’re given a little extra peace of mind if you’re out on the river solo overnight.

Compare the Fish Cat Panther and Fish Cat 10-IR

Fish Cat PantherFish Cat 9-IRFish Cat 10-IR
Weight70lbs70lbs95 lbs
warranty 5 years5 years5 years
Seam Constructionweldedsewnsewn
Motor Mountyesyesyes
Load capacity400lbs375lbs450lbs
Aire Chambers422
retractable stand up platform/lean bar
More InfoMore InfoMore Info
Stealth Pro frameless pontoon for an alternative style offered by Outcast. buy an outcast fish cat
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