Sea Eagle is a world leader in inflatable boats including pontoons, fishing vessels, and kayaks, and Sea Eagle product reviews are typically very positive across all ranges.

The brand focus primarily on fishing boats and recreational boats that are perfect if you love getting out on the open water. So which Sea Eagle boats are worthy of a mention, and how do they compare to their competitors?

buy sea eagle foldcatIf you’re a keen angler looking for a high quality, stable fishing boat, there are 2 that really stand out in the Sea Eagle brand. The Sea Eagle STS10 and the Sea Eagle 375fc. The Sea Eagle 375fc is an inflatable pontoon that’s proving popular as the benefits of fishing from a pontoon grows in popularity. The wide decks and customisable space get a tick from us.




sea eagle inflatable fishing boatThe Sea Eagle STS10 is an inflatable frameless stealth stalker, that’s known for its ability to blend into the environment and make fishing much easier.

So which is the best model for fishing?



Compare Sea Eagle 375fc and Sea Eagle STS10

When it comes to stability the Sea Eagle 375fc has the advantage. The pontoon-style, complete with sturdy aluminium slats, creates a stable fishing platform even in rougher waters.

The Sea Eagle STS10 will hold its own. While not quite as stable, it does feature a wide base which improves sturdiness, and a fully-enclosed hull which helps to keep the deck dry in more aggressive waters.

Both the Sea Eagle STS10 and Sea Eagle 375fc can carry 2 people at a time, but can also easily be operated by a single person. For capacity and space, both models are very similar featuring 2 swivel seats.  These can be removed to create a larger deck area for easier casting and storage if you’re fishing solo.

Sea Eagle 375fc FoldCat – Weight: 75 lbs – hull only

Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10  Weight: 45 lbs – hull only, 78 lbs with floorboards & motor mount

In terms of mounts both models meet all the usual requirements. Featuring a stable motor mount for adding a trolling motor and universal rod mount systems for attaching a variety of different accessories. You’ll have everything you need.

Once again, the 2 vessels are remarkably similar when it comes to portability. They’re comparable to the Colorado pontoons that are renowned for their lightweight design.

buy sea eagle foldcat

foldcat 375FC

buy Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker

Stealth Stalker STS10


Expect to pay around $300 more for the 375fc foldcat.

sea eagle fishing pontoon boat

Sea Eagle Inflatables for Recreation

cheap inflatable kayakWhen it comes to recreation, there’s really only one contender for best boat – the Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak. As part of Sea Eagle’s exhilarating sporting range, The 370 boats a river rating of 3, meaning it can be used safely in waves of up to 4 feet, and it’s the perfect recreation boat for whitewater environments. It’s easy to understand why the Sea Eagle 370 is a favorite with campers and RV enthusiasts who want to spend their vacation time exploring the great outdoors.

If you think the 370 inflatable kayak sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the newer version of the classic Sea Eagle 330, complete with a few extra details and added advantages that make it a more attractive choice for many campers.
Here’s how the Sea Eagle 330 and Sea Eagle 370 compare.

● Capacity

While the older Sea Eagle 330 was designed for 2, the newer Sea Eagle 370 can comfortably hold 3 adventure seekers at a time. It’s a good choice for families, or if you enjoy having company when they’re out riding the rapids. Leg room remains much the same.

● Portability

If you’re wanting a sturdy, lightweight, easy-to-inflate kayak that can withstand rougher waters, the Sea Eagle 370 ticks all the boxes.

In terms of weight, the smaller Sea Eagle 330 is lighter, weighing 26lbs compared to the 32lbs of the 370. This isn’t something to worry about as both versions are remarkably lightweight and easy to manage, even for just 1 person. The extra 6lbs doesn’t make much difference. The 370 takes a maximum weight of 650lbs

● Price

Value ++ with recreational package including 2-7’10” paddles, 2 Inflatable Seats, foot pump, carry bag and repair kit

If there’s a downside to the Sea Eagle 370, it’s that it’s not as customisable or versatile as some of the other inflatable boats offered by Sea Eagle. Storage is pretty sparse with no motor mounts or rod mounts. This kayak isn’t suited to being transformed into a suitable fishing canoe if you want to use for both watersports and fishing.

It’s value plus at around $200 to enjoy family time on the water.

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About Sea Eagle

Sea Eagle is renowned for their high quality, inflatable vessels that are made from moderate pressure fabrics for ultimate performance. Whether you’re looking for a first boat or are experienced on the water, these pontoons, kayaks, and fishing boats are up to standard. Sea Eagle produce some of the very best recreational boats on the market.