Review of Seamax Boats

Seamax have fast become a market leader in inflatable boats due to their innovative designs and durable manufacture. They’ve stood the test of time and are now firm favorites.

This wasn’t always the case. When the Seamax range was first introduced, many in the industry were concerned. One of the brand’s major marketing pitches was to promote the Korean materials, like imported PVC, that was used. There were serious concerns about what’s often referred to as ‘Chinese made’ products that were cheap, poorly made, and unsafe.

However Seamax boats are anything but inferior. In fact, this brand is now a top choice for many of us.

The big question, why buy Seamax?

✅  high quality PVC fabric
✅  extensive keel protection
✅  lightweight aluminium features that add strength without adding heaviness and bulk
✅  marine grade stainless steel accents
✅  oversized tubes for extra stability and buoyancy
✅  double reinforcement layer added towards the rear (Seamax claim this layer can reduce the need for hull repairs by half)

For all these reasons Seamax should be a serious consideration if you’re looking for a new leisure pontoon. Completely flexible, the range will suit seasoned fishermen just as well as if you’re just thinking about getting you’re very first boat.

What are your options?

This range is diverse, but there are 3 series of products that have stolen the limelight: the Ocean series, the Air Series, and the Sport series. Each series has it’s own unique benefits although all are known for lightweight design, aluminium flooring and long lasting durability.

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Seamax Ocean

The Ocean series, which includes the Seamax Ocean 290, 320, 380, and 430, is a selection of ‘mid range’ pontoon boats. Still relatively lightweight, like the Seamax Air pontoons, but with a little more durability and longevity, like the Seamax Sport series.

Seamax 380 inflatable pontoon

Ocean 380 Specs: length 12.5ftx beam 5.5ft, inner dimensions 8.7ft x 2.6ft, pontoon diameter 17.5 inches; Boat dry weight 190lbs. Max loading 1211lbs

These boats are a good compromise for people who want flexibility, as well as a more professional style pontoon, not purely a leisure boat. The first thing that stands out with these pontoons is their streamlined design. They boast a sharp nose that cuts through water easily, making them a dream to handle. They’re definitely a good starter boat.

The 2 benefits that really make these boats stand out are

  1. the lightweight aluminium floor – The metal base gives a greater degree of stability than the Air Mat and, best of all, it’s a breeze to clean and maintain. The aluminium floor has fast become a firm favorite of fishermen and divers. You can simply wash down the deck without having to worry about different fabrics and materials.
  2. they’re minimal in design, which means they have very large cockpits. Some of the biggest you’ll find in mid range pontoons. They’re designed for families and friends to enjoy together. They’re not a solo boat.

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Seamax Air

Designed for spontaneity their unique selling point is weight. As the name suggests, they’re designed to be lighter than air… or almost! The models in the Seamax Air range of pontoon boats vary between 85lbs and 120lbs -a significant difference from the 160lbs of the Seamax Ocean 380, for example.

The Seamax Air 230, 270, and 320 are all purely leisure boats. They’re designed for people who love to wake up on a sunny Sunday morning and decide to head to the lake. Being so lightweight, they can be towed without much, if any, pre planning, and can be carried short distances in areas where it’s difficult to park the car.

It’s the revolutionary ‘Air Mat’ floor (two layers of fabric, attached but with a layer of air in between) that makes them so light. This adds stability, yet allows the boat to maintain it’s lightweight feel, making it easy to handle both in and out of the water.

The Seamax Air series isn’t necessarily a range of ‘better’ boats or will suit everyone. Instead, they encompass everything you love about the Seamax range of pontoon boats, without the bulk.

Seamax Sport Series

The Sport series of pontoon boats includes higher end products, like the Seamax Sport 240, 270, 360, and 420. They can handle up to a 20hp engine, have a v-shaped keel for smooth sailing, and are designed to last. They’re solid, but unlike other similar pontoons, they’re still simple to use. In fact,

Seamax say that their Sport pontoons are designed to go from inflation to launch in just 20 minutes! They’re a good choice for professional fishermen, professional divers, and those who want complete peace of mind that their pontoon is going to withstand heavy use, even in poor weather.

The pontoons in this range are very similar to those in the Seamax Ocean series. Visually, there’s very little between them. The differences come in terms of manufacture.

There’s a few hidden extras in the Seamax Sport range that give it the edge over the Ocean series.

Polyurethane sealed seams that provide extra protection against saltwater, UV rays, and other risk factors that could contribute to damage. Although they’re bigger and heavier, they’re more stable too.

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