A Stable 2 Person Kayak for All Experience Levels

This is a sit-on-top kayak that has enough room for 2 people. The Ocean kayak Malibu two tandem recreational kayak reviews well.  It’s easy to recommend this versatile tandem for stability and durability and the fact that it’s made by Ocean speaks volumes for it.

sit on top kayak weighing in at just 57 lbs

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Specs for the Ocean kayak Malibu two

  • Style: tandem; lightweight; sit on top kayak
  • Length:12 ft/ 3.7 m
  • Weight: 57 lbs/ 25.9 kg
  • Capacity: 1 up to 2 adults + child/pet
  • Weight capacity: 375-425 lbs/ 170-192 kg


On board storage – Option to buy hatches to add more storage. There are 3 slots where the rubber push-on hatches can be added. Compartments are installed in cavity of kayak.

  • Gear straps
  • 2 comfort seats
  • Overlapping foot wells
  • Skid plate
  • Storage: Hull and deck design for easy stacking
  • Handling: Molded-in handles at the bow and stern


  • Seats two adults + a small child or pet
  • 3 x molded seat wells – bow, stern and middle
  • 2 comfort sit on top seats


  • Best use: recreational
  • Water: flat and sheltered water
  • Skill level: beginners
  • Paddle solo or tandem

A good choice for resorts or businesses when you’re needing a versatile kayak to suit all skill levels

Where you can buy it



Enough room for 2 and a child

While this model is marketed as a 2-seater, there’s more than enough room for you to bring a child along, as well. There’s 3 molded seat positions and you’ve got a maximum capacity of 375 lbs to work with.

Easy for solo use too

Of course, you might not always have someone who wants to go kayaking with you. This one is just as simple to operate by yourself. Because seating positions are in the bow, middle and stern, it’s easy to paddle solo or in tandem. You don’t need to buy a separate model for those days when you want to go out on your own.

If your job is to buy kayaks for a resort or business, the Ocean kayak Malibu two is a fantastic choice.

It’s a very versatile model. People can use it on their own, with others and with their kids on board.

Easy to store

The other big benefit is how easy these kayaks are to store. Unlike traditional models, these kayaks can be stacked on top of one another, greatly reducing the amount of space you need for them.

As there are no storage compartments, you also don’t need to worry about checking to make sure your kayaks are properly drained every day.


The lack of storage compartments won’t limit your options, though. There’s more than enough room across the top of the kayak to store everything from fishing gear to camping equipment and more. You have 20 x 34 x 144 inches to use.


For a tandem kayak, this one is extremely lightweight.

At the low end, the vast majority of these kayaks will weigh about 75 pounds. This one clocks in at just 63.

If you’re kayaking with a partner and need to move it, you won’t have any trouble. You shouldn’t even have problems with it when it’s fully loaded with all your gear.

lightweight kayakSturdy length

In case you’re needing to check the length to see if it will fit in your storage shed, it’s 144 inches long. You can get much shorter tandem kayaks but if they’re too short they are more difficult to control.

As this is light in weight, you might be worried that the same would be the case for this model, but at 12 feet, it won’t give you any problems with stability. It might sound long, but keep in mind that tandem kayaks can get to nearly twice that size. 12 feet is plenty of room without becoming inconvenient to move around. It’s a good mix. The 34-inch width gives you lots of space for your things.

Extra storage is available

If you buy this model and realize you could use extra storage space, there are 3 options available. Across the top, you’ll see 3 circles that are part of the kayak’s mold. You can buy kits online that will transform these into containers that go into the body of the kayak.

These are usually used by people who want to go camping overnight and need as much room for provisions as possible.


buy a lightweight kayak


‘For resorts or businesses where you need to cater to a range of experience levels and just want to buy a good all-round recreational kayak – this is the one for you.’

It’s a good option for people who like to paddle with partners. It has room for a child or even your pet and there’s space to take along other provisions.

Or, if you feel like getting out on the water by yourself, this kayak is still lightweight and easy enough to control so that one person can move it around on dry land.

Ocean is a well-respected company with a long history in this business, so it’s no surprise that they’ve made such a popular kayak.

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