Why The Intex Trolling Motor Is The Perfect Partner

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If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the pairing of the Intex Seahawk 4 and the Intex trolling motor can give it to you for under $300. If you thought that using an inflatable couldn’t give you an exceptional fishing and boating experience, you may want to reconsider.

Intex Trolling Motor – Hand in Glove Performance

This trolling motor was made for the motor mount fittings on the Intex Seahawk 4 inflatable boat model specifically, so there are no worries or hassles with pairing them together.
  • This motor has a power rating of 420W and 40 lbs of thrust for plenty of get up and go
  • A 12volt deep cycle marine battery rated for 60 amps is all you need to power the motor and you can keep an eye on the battery charge with the battery meter. Speed control is configured in a 5/3 set up
  • It’s hand operated with a handle that adjusts to 45, 30, 15 or 0 degrees and has an extension up to 6 inches
  • Speed control is configured in a 5/3 set up
  • This motor is fine for either fresh water or saltwater use
As well as ease of installation, this trolling motor has some advanced technology such as digital maximizer speed control to get the most out of your battery life. It also has a key driven weed escape option with dry run protection.

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