Compare Minn Kota’s Range to Find the Best Saltwater Trolling Motor

7 different motors make up Minn Kota’s Riptide trolling motors range. Specifically designed for use in saltwater environments, you get the benefits of a company that’s been honing its chops in trolling motor design since the 1930s with an ocean-going angle.

Although Minn Kota might be best known for their range of high-quality, high-performance freshwater trolling motors, that’s not all the company offers.

There are bow mount, transom mount, and engine mount options on offer; all a little bit different and prices vary considerably. We’ll break it down so the differences are clear at a glance.


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    What is i-Pilot Link?

    It will sync your trolling motor with your Humminbird fish finder. By enabling this communication you can control your motor via the Humminbird or from your wireless remote for smart fishing integration.

    If you’re wanting to benefit from this technology make sure you check out models within the Terrova, Ultrex or Ulterra ranges. There are add-on kits available but not all riptide motors are compatible.

    What’s the benefit of choosing a variable speed trolling motor?

    You’ll have the benefit of a Digital Maximiser™ integrated that provides up to 5x extra run time on a single charge of your battery. A variable speed motor allows you to find a constant, smooth speed rather than surging between too fast or too slow speeds which drains battery power.

    What is thrust?

    How powerful the motor is and measured in pounds (lbs). Rule of thumb: the larger and heavier your boat, the more thrust you’ll need.

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    Saltwater Bow Mounts

    Riptide Terrova with i-pilot

    Minn Kota has taken the freshwater Terrova trolling motor and turned it into a saltwater-designed system. Choose your fishing adventure with options of 55 lbs of thrust, 80lb and 112lbs if you’re heading ocean-side.

    All the benefits of technology is integrated with I-Pilot that uses GPS technology to navigate and position your boat. The Riptide Terrova also includes the company’s Digital Maximizer™, (this means longer run time on your battery charge).

    An optional accessory is the ‘plug in and go’ foot control with an 18′ cable

    Lift assist design and a ‘stealth-like’ quite power delivers some advantages here. Weedless Wedge 2 prop™ and the ‘peace of mind’ Minn Kota 2 year warranty wrap up a very nice package.

    i-pilot link is available with some models of the Terrova. The advantage of i-pilot link is that it makes integration possible with your Humminbird® fish finder and you can control the boat from your fish finder.

    Thrust/voltage 55lbs / 12v 80lbs / 24v 112lbs / 36v
    Shaft length 54", 60", 54", 60" or 72" 60" 87"
    i-pilot GPS (includes auto pilot) yes yes yes
    Lift Assist design yes yes yes
    Suitable for boat length (maximum) 12v 21' 24v 25" 36v 25'
    i-Pilot mobile app compatible yes yes yes

    Riptide Powerdrive with i-pilot

    The choices here are 55 and 70 lbs of thrust, and that can be paired with either a 48 or 54 inch shaft. This model integrates easily with i-Pilot and comes with a 2 year warranty. Deploy assist, AutoPilot™, Weedless Wedge 2™ prop and a push to test battery meter are just a few of the benefits here. The Weedless Wedge 2™ prop makes it a good choice if you’ll be pushing through thick water vegetation.

    Note: If you’re wanting to navigate hands free and add a corded foot pedal accessory, make sure you buy the Powerdrive V2model so you have those options available to you.

    Thrust/voltage 55lbs / 12v 70lbs / 24v
    Shaft length 48", 54" 48", 54"
    i-pilot GPS (includes auto pilot) yes yes
    Deploy Assist design yes yes
    Suitable for boat length (max) 12v 21' 24v 23'
    i-pilot remote lanyard yes (with the 55lb 54" model) yes (with the 70lb 54" model)

    What's the difference between Riptide Terrova and Riptide Powerdrive?

    Riptide Terrova Riptide Powerdrive
    Foot Pedal (purchase as extra) Yes you can incorporate foot control with the superior heel/toe steering (foot control is compatible with i-pilot remote) No, option available only with Riptide Powerdrive V2
    Stow and deploy Yes, a superior mechanism to others offered as part of packages No
    Thrust options 55lb, 80lb, 112lbs 50 lbs, 70lbs
    ipilot link yes no

    “If you’re going to be fishing in a weedy environment you should be checking out a model with the weedless prop.”

    Riptide Ulterra with i-pilot

    A saltwater specific design with either a 24 volt system (80 lbs of thrust) or a 36 volt system (112 lbs of thrust). You can choose from 3 shaft lengths: 54, 60 or 72 inches. I-Pilot or i-pilot link (handheld remote), gives you the option of controlling from your Humminbird. Follow contours, track and save your favorite spots to revisit.

    Digital Maximiser,™, bluetooth smartphone app and weedless wedge are all standard features. The automatic stow/deploy with a push of a button is perhaps one of our favorite features of this model.

    A 2 year warranty is also offered.

    Team the Ulterra with the optional foot pedal for maximum hands free control.

    ‘Choose the Ulterra for power, punch with the bells and whistles that make using your trolling motor a dream’

    Thrust/voltage 24v (80lbs) 36v (112lbs)
    Shaft length 54", 60", 72" 60", 72"
    i-pilot GPS (includes auto pilot) yes yes
    Suitable for boat length (max) 25' 25'
    Auto stow/deploy yes yes
    i-pilot link choice to upgrade to i-pilot link; available with 80lb model with 60" shaft choose to upgrade to i-pilot link 112lb models with either 60" or 72" shaft
    i-pilot remote lanyard yes (with the 70lb 54" model) yes (with the 55lb 54" model)

    Riptide Fortrex

    Another bow mounted trolling motor, the Riptide Fortrex offers an extruded aluminium arm and 112lbs of thrust. The unique “mono arm design”, 112lb thrust and Weedless wedge 2 ™ prop provides extra power to push through anything that’s thrown at you.

    Note that there’s a lower-power option available in a 24-volt, 80 lb setup. You can choose from 2 shaft lengths – 52 or 62 inches.

    Lift assist, bowguard, battery meter and digital maximiser features round out this package that suits boats up to a maximum length of 25′. The Fortrex has reduced steering torque and reduced play (or give) due to the Counter Tension Stabilizer which is an integrated spring mechanism in the mount.

    Thrust/voltage 24v (80lbs) 36v (112lbs)
    Shaft length Shaft length 52", 62"
    Mount/ feature Lift assist /bowguard Lift assist/ bowguard
    Suitable for boat length (max) 25' 25'

    Riptide Edge

    If you’re just wanting a small latch & door mount that simply gets the job done, then you might consider the Riptide Edge. It offers a corrosion resistant central bar as well as a composite head. The motor is available in either 12 volt (55 lbs thrust) or 24 volt (70 lbs thrust) configurations. Prop is Weedless Wedge 2 and comes with a 2 year warranty.

    Thrust/voltage 12v (55lbs) 24v (70lbs)
    Shaft length 52" 52"
    Mount latch & door latch & door
    Suitable for boat length (max) 21' 23'

    Riptide Maxxum

    Building on the format of the Edge, the Riptide Maxxum steps up with additional benefits and choices. 3 shaft length options (42, 52, and 62 inches) depending on the thrust your choose, as well as advanced corrosion protection, a Weedless Wedge™ prop design, and a composite shaft with a lifetime guarantee. 80lb and 55lb has variable speed, with 50lb and 70lb 5fwd/3reverse only.

    Thrust/voltage 55lbs / 12v 70lbs / 24v 80lbs / 24v
    Shaft length 42", 52" 52" 52" 62"
    Mount feature latch & door latch & door latch & door/ or bowguard
    Lift Assist design no no no
    Suitable for boat length (maximum) 21' 23' 25'

    Saltwater Transom Mount

    Riptide Transom

    This is perhaps the simplest to use of all the trolling motors here. It delivers 45 lbs of thrust, and the ergonomic handle makes piloting your boat simple and easy. You can also upgrade to a 55lb setup if you want that extra power in reserve, although both are 12 volt systems.

    The Transom can be configured with a 36, 42, or 52 inch shaft. The 42″ and 52″ can be teamed with the bigger 80lbs and 112lb models.

    Note: Digital Maximiser™ is only available with variable speed models only.  45lb and 55lb have 5 speed options available without digital maximiser.

    Thrust/voltage 45lbs / 12v 55lbs / 12v 80lbs / 24v 112lbs / 36v
    Shaft length 36" 36", 42" 42" 52"
    Mount lever lock bracket lever lock bracket lever lock bracket lever lock bracket
    Digital maximiser variable speed models only variable speed models only yes yes
    Prop Power prop Power prop Weedless Wedge 2 Weedless Wedge 2
    Suitable for boat length (maximum) 18' 21' 25' 25'

    Whether you want a bow mounted trolling motor, a transom mount, or an engine mount option, Minn Kota’s quality is well documented and the saltwater Riptide family has something to offer just about everyone.


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