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It’s inexpensive and very compact, which means that as an emergency backup paddle you really can’t go wrong with this product. The P-2 paddle is one of Kwik Tek’s more well known products thanks to its telescoping design. The paddle can easily be stored on the smallest of boats in a very compact and out-of-the-way manner. Why buy a telescoping paddle?
  • Peace of mind – your contingency plan. It may be slow going, but in the event of your trolling motor failing or losing your paddle, you’ll be very pleased you’ve got this on board
  • The P-2 telescoping paddle can be extended from 20 inches to 45 inches
  • At 20 inches it’s small enough to slide underneath seats, or may even fit into larger gear pouches
  • The corrosion-resistant aluminium shaft ensures it remains stable and secure
  • The lightweight design means the paddle is easy to use


Although the telescoping paddle locks into place relatively easily, it’s not as solid when it’s at full extension as some other models. We suggest you adjust it so there’s an overlap (about 2-3 inches) of the aluminum tubes to give extra strength when extended.  NOTE: The purpose of this telescoping paddle is not to be your main source of movement on the water. It won’t live up to expectations as your main paddle. It’s a precaution or a backup for a trolling motor or your paddle in case it gets lost overboard.
  • The bright, vibrant orange coloring means it’s perfect for use in emergency situations to draw attention to your boat.
buy a telescoping paddle It’s small size make it the ideal paddle for ensuring you’re well prepared each and every time you head out on the water. However, if you’re planning to use the paddle often, or paddling in larger waters, look for a paddle with a more secure locking mechanism and a more heavy duty shaft.

About the company

Kwik Tek are a prominent supplier of outdoor sporting goods, including inflatables, water skis, snowshoes, boating products, and so on. The P-3 telescoping paddle with boat hook was designed and created by Kwik Tek, a company founded back in 1991 in the United States.
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