Easy Pontoon Boat Furniture

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Explore in comfort with some pontoon boat furniture
Explore beautiful lakes, resting comfortably with pontoon boat furniture

About the pontoon boat

Often known as party pontoons, the pontoon boat has a hull constructed of round tubes called sponsons attached to the outside bottom edge of a large flat deck area. For safety, a railing usually surrounds the deck. and generally includes some comfortable pontoon boat furniture.

The helm station is placed to one side or in the middle of the deck and there may be a skipper’s chair for the helmsman. The more economical models of pontoon boat may not have any pontoon boat furniture installed and you will find lawn furniture or folding deck chairs used for seating.

Pontoon boat furniture

The more deluxe models come with built-in upholstered seating, a roof or sun cover, a built-in cooler, a dining table, and sometimes even a toilet. A party pontoon boat is very stable and has the capacity to hold 6 to 12 people due to its flat deck.

Click here to see some of the great seating options available for your pontoon boat.

Many pontoon boats are trailerable, depending on their length.

Engine capacities differ, but most are powered by either two or four-stroke outboard gasoline engines between 10 and 100 hp.

The sponsons are constructed of two or three welded, aluminium tubes that are tapered at the forward ends that assist with movement and speed. You’ll will also find pontoon tubes are made from wood or fiberglass. The tubes are attached to the rigid deck with an aluminum frame.

For weather protection it is a good idea to put a pontoon boat enclosure over the deck.  This gives protection for your your guests and your pontoon boat furniture, especially if you have a large party!

You can explore beautiful lakes and take your friends and family out on an afternoon cruise, on your favorite lake, river or other protected waterway.

These boats are stable, offer an excellent fishing platform and are ideal for fly fishing from your pontoon. Boat furniture is available in a wide range of styles and options to kit out your pontoon.

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