SeaEagle FoldCat 375fc Inflatable Pontoon Boat Review

An inflatable fishing pontoon boat is a great way to get to places where fish are hiding. But who has 35-40 minutes to spare to put their boat together? Most rowing frames take that length of time to assemble.

Not so with the Foldcat. Sea Eagle’s FoldCat inflatable pontoon fishing boats have a unique folding support system that can be inflated and assembled in 5 minutes by one person!

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The FoldCat 375fc inflatable pontoon boat can handle up to a 3 hp gas engine but motors very well with a small electric motor. With a 3 hp gas engine this folding pontoon boat can achieve 8 knots.

sea eagle foldcat review

  • 2 swivel seats offer a 360 degree rotation each so each fisherman can easily turn and follow the fish, whichever direction they swim. With comfortable seat cushions and they also provide sturdy back support.
  • Setting the the FoldCat 375fc apart from other inflatable pontoon boats, is the 1000 denier reinforced inflatable hull. This feature is seen in the SeaEagle Sport Boats that take 40 hp engines.
  • Stability is provided by its super buoyant 16″ widely spaced pontoons and 4’6″ beam.

Because the FoldCat has a full floor you’ll have more usable space and carry more fishing gear than in an ordinary pontoon fishing boat. And you don’t have to worry about dropping gear, the floor will catch it.

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Why the reinforced inflatable hull is better

You’ll find construction of lesser boats can involve the use of a thin bladder which is then encased in a heavy outer bag (which is porous). Two-man pontoon boats with this system can weigh 125lbs when dry, and over 150lbs when waterlogged.The outer, porous hull often remains waterlogged and this then becomes a breeding ground for bacteria – not with the foldcat. This design produces a much heavier boat with two hulls.

  • By comparison, the FoldCat hull is an easily managed 75 lbs.

The angler can also get a better perspective using the Seat Pedestal. For sight fishing the subtle changes in water clarity, depth, or sea bottom composition are easily viewed from the deck of a FoldCat.

sea eagle foldcat accessoriespontoon fishing boatThe Casting bar is an addition that we recommend. If you like to stand occasionally to stretch your legs and cast this is well worth a little extra. It clips to the boat and folds down for easy transportation.

With all these advantages it’s easy to see why the SeaEagle FoldCat inflatable pontoon boat is highly recommended by keen anglers.

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