One Man Fishing Pontoon to get You Out on the River

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Inflatable fishing pontoon boats have enjoyed great success over the past 30 years. There’s some exceptional models to choose from that are well suited to still water fishing trips.

They needn’t cost the earth either. Even buying new you’ll get an excellent 8-foot fishing pontoon with many accessories, and importantly – a comfortable seat, for only a few hundred dollars.

these are lightweight and cheap – fishing pontoon boats that are perfect for still waters

Why are these watercraft so popular?

The reason – they are agile, easy to control and maneuver and handle well

  1. Due largely to the rocker-shape of these one man pontoon boats they are extremely agile. Apart from catarafts, these fishing pontoons have less of the tube in the water per foot of tube, which means less water resistance.
  2. The reduced resistance means that it’s possible to turn in a tight circle, allowing we fishermen to quickly position ourselves in the right spot for the hot action in the water. This maneuverability also makes it easy to navigate the river runs you’ll be making to your favorite fishing spots.
  3. Easily tuck into some of the awkward spots near the bank that you can’t hit with other watercraft.
  4. Sitting high in your comfortable seat gives you an excellent view of your surroundings and where you’re heading.
  5. Get into the water easily. Light enough to move around by yourself.

Where can you fish in your one seater boat?

These boats are suited to still water navigation. That is inland lakes and slow-moving rivers.

You’ll definitely want to avoid whitewater situations as they glide along easily on top of the water. There’s very little tube in under the water line. Even the larger, more stable 12 foot pontoons are not designed for fast-water rafting. For that you will need to look at catarafts or similar.

one man fishing ponton boat that's very lightweight and easy to handle
simple, easy-to-operate, quick to assemble, light recreational fishing pontoon

Transporting these boats to your favorite fishing spot is easy. Most can be loaded quickly, comfortably sitting on roof racks or in a pickup or SUV. An inflatable folding cat is even more compact and can be transported in a smaller vehicle and simply, and quickly, inflated at your destination.

If you’re looking for some quiet, sit-down fishing on your own, and you don’t want to break the bank – the agile inflatable fishing pontoon boat is an option well worth considering.

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