Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak Review

If you’re in the market for a kayak that can support two people but just as easily be managed by one, it’s worth considering the Lifetime 10 foot Sport Fisher kayak.

Although others might be faster, this is a nice little fishing kayak that’s stable and steady on the water. You won’t feel like you’re toppling over when casting. For around $500 if you’re after a kayak to cruise out to your favorite fishing spot, this will do the job nicely.

A stable fishing kayak that features a tunnel hull design

Lifetime 10 foot Sport Fisher kayak

Style: Sit on top fishing kayak; tandem

  • twin hull provides stability and tracking

Length: 10 ft/304.8cm

Width: 3ft/ 91.4cm

Weight: 60 lbs/ 27kgs

Capacity: 1-3 people

Weight capacity: 500 lbs/ 226.8kg

Construction: High Density Polyethylene

Storage: 6 inch rear storage hatch

Handling: Molded front and rear handles

Warranty: 5 year limited

Fishing pole holders

2 x double sided paddles included

Multiple foot rest positions

Can add a trolling motor

  • Seats up to 3
  • comfortable ergonomic seating
  • sit on top seats
  • 2 x seat backs

Best use: fishing and recreational

Water: flat /handles choppy water conditions

Skill level: All

Paddle solo or tandem

Tracks straight

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Our review


Not all tandem kayaks are as spacious as you’d hope. They may have enough room for 2 people but just barely.

This isn’t the case with the Sport Fisher. It’s a good 10 feet long but it also gets as wide as 3 feet where seating is concerned which should be more than enough room for you to sit quite comfortably even during longer trips. We like the extra width and this makes it a good choice for fishing. It’s easy to access you gear without struggling to keep your balance.

There’s room in this kayak for supplies and equipment. Whether you’re just headed to another beach for a picnic or you plan to camp overnight, this kayak has you covered.


You won’t have any issues taking smaller items like a cooler or poles either, although the poles might need some bungees to keep in place. Straps are included to make this easy.

Fishing pole holders make it convenient to cast your line and then sit back and relax. On hot summer days, you’ll appreciate having a bottle holder right by your seat.

The interior storage hatch is useful. It gives you room for your things that will keep them out of the way. This is a reliable place to store your devices likes your ‘phone and wallet.

Lightweight kayak

Despite how much room it has to offer in terms of size and storage, Lifetime did a good job of creating a kayak that’s lightweight and relatively easy to move around. This is especially important for a tandem kayak if it’s going to be used solo. Many are light enough for two people, but when someone tries to transport it to the water by themselves, it turns into a real workout.

Note: The Lifetime Sport Fisher tandem is just 60 pounds but it is wide, 36 inches, which is good on the water. You’ll find a kayak cart useful for getting it into the water if you’re going solo.

Strong, Outer Shell

Lifetime kayaks went into business to create products that last their customers a ‘lifetime’.

The Lifetime Sport Fisher doesn’t seem to be an exception. It’s made from high-density polyethylene. This gives the kayak tremendous strength and just the type of durability you want.

This is why the kayak weighs so little relative to its size and storage capacity. That plastic is extremely tough but doesn’t make the craft bulky. It also allowed Lifetime to create a mold that is effortlessly able to cut through the water with tight angles.

Easy to drain and store

The worst part of any kayaking session is going home, not just because the trip is over but because you have to drain it.

This can be a real pain, especially after you’ve been paddling for hours and just want to relax.

This tandem kayak is easy to empty. Once you’re ready to hit dry land, just get out, pull the scupper plugs and the water will drain. There’s no turning it over or executing other cumbersome maneuvers just to make sure the inside gets dry.

Once drained, it’s easy to store until next time.

Very sturdy ride

While it’s true that you won’t be breaking any speed records in the Sport Fisher, that’s really not what this model is built for. It’s designed to be comfortable and great for fishing and we think it lives up to both promises.

If you’re taller, wider or have otherwise had issues in the past with your kayak struggling while you paddle, the Lifetime Sport Fisher kayak is the solution for you. Even when you add a second person, you’ll find it easy to maneuver through the water.


As far as tandem kayaks go, this model is easy to recommend for people who like to fish or simply enjoy their time out on the water. Its sturdy design is great for beginners, but more experienced kayakers will enjoy it too. Whether you’re hitting the water with a partner or going by yourself, leaving for an hour or planning to camp, for around $500 the Lifetime Sport Fisher won’t dissappoint.

Nice fishing kayak with width giving good balance

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