Building Pontoon Boats

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This book explains how these boats differ from conventional types in handling, safety, maintenance, and other aspects of ownership and use.

Pontoons are cylindrical objects with the ability to float on water. Because of this they are often used for large structures that are required to stay afloat. They are used in construction of buildings and bridges where this objective is needed, for both permanent and temporary solutions. Having such a useful trait makes the use of pontoons in construction of a vessel to stay afloat on water, ideal.

Whether you want to go fishing from your foldable pontoon boat, entertain your family and friends on your party barge or explore quiet waterways in solitude, this type of boat can provide the perfect platform.

Pontoon boats are a great family boat. Perfect for slow, ambling trips through calm water. Some come with seating or you can take your lounge chairs, BBQ grill and mini-fridge and really enjoy a day on the lake or river. Pontoon boats are a great way to kick back and relax and enjoy cruising in protected waters. Some of the deluxe models are very comfortable.

Just don’t ever take these boats where there’s a possibility of high waves.

Pontoon boats are generally lightweight and powered by an outboard motor with a range from 10 to 300 horsepower, depending on the money you want to spend. Length frequently ranges from 16 to 25.5 feet (4.9 to 7.8 meters). Due to their construction, they should only be operated in calm, protected waters such as lakes and slow moving rivers. Their shallow draft also allow them to be berthed at just about any beach. They are widely known as the “party boat”. The pontoon boat’s design maximizes space while its slow paced, meandering nature facilitates socializing.

The nature of these boats is simplicity.  A simple pontoon boat generally does not have railings around its perimeter.

However, there is now an increasing number fitted with railings as a safety measure and boats with a mini shelter or cabin to provide shelter from the elements.

Harris Pontoon Boat Manufacturing of Fort Wayne, IN was a pioneering pontoon builder with the Harris Flote-Bote. In the late 1960’s Harris rocked the pontoon boat community by installing deluxe upholstered pontoon furniture on their pontoon boats. Two of the most impressive features of new pontoon boats are the consoles which are similar to what you’d find on an expensive cruiser and of course the furniture and seating which has evolved from very little pontoon seats to the fully furnished pontoon interiors seen today on newer boats. While there are many types and sizes of pontoon boats, all of them come standard with deluxe upholstered furniture. The pontoon boat also has a large seating capacity that sets it apart from other types of boats. With a pontoon boat you can enjoy water sports such as skiing and tubing and you can also fish, cruise and entertain large groups of people comfortably.

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Building your own boat

Of course if you’ve got some carpentry ability, you can tear down and rebuild an entire pontoon boat in a weekend or so. The process is pretty straight forward, most of the time required to restore your pontoon boat is in the tear down process. Removing the existing furniture, console, railing, side trim and carpeting/decking are the most time consuming and require the most effort. Now you may decide that your carpet and deck are in fine shape and that all you need to do is replace seating. If this is the case then re-building is done very simply.

Owning a pontoon boat provides many opportunities for lake and river recreation.

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