Colorado XT and XTS Fishing Pontoon Boat Reviews

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Inflatable pontoon boat manufacturer Classic Accessories has 2 very popular inflatable, small fishing pontoons, the Colorado XT and Colorado XTS. We’ve reviewed both to help you decide which of these boats is the right choice for you.

The 9 foot, 1 man pontoons boast a 400lb weight capacity and have a class 1 river rating, which means they’re ideal for moving through still water or water with a small wave. So a little leaway if the wind gets up.

Unlike some other types of inflatable boat, the Colorado range is designed more as a gentle recreation boatperfect for lake fishing. It’s not a suitable option for more aggressive waters. While the pontoons don’t quite have everything that a keen angler might look for in a fishing boat,  (they’re missing livewells), the Colorado range is specifically designed for fishing, with built-in rod holders, a trolling motor mount towards the back of the boat, and customizable storage options that are ideal for fishing gear.

Features common to both XTS and XT

Colorado XT vs XTS - what's the difference?

And which is best? In truth, the two boats are very similar, so you’re likely to see other Colorado boat reviews for both that say they are pretty much the same. The XTS is the newer, upgraded version of the XT that’s more streamlined and comes with a few additional features that boosts comfort on the water. However, the XT is a little lighter if that’s an important consideration for you.

Here’s a rundown of the differences between the products:


The Colorado XT weighs just 68lbs, while the Colorado XTS weighs 80lbs due to the extra features that are included with this model.

If you like using your fishing pontoon in more isolated and rugged areas where the transport wheel may not allow for easy wheeling, the XT with its lightweight design may be a more attractive option, although the difference between the two isn’t significant.

Seat Positioning

A common complaint from users of the Colorado XT is that the plastic seat can’t be used in some conditions and that impacts comfort on the water and also ease of fishing.

This has been addressed in the Colorado XTS model, which features a handy swivel seat so that you can position yourself in a comfortable position and choose the most effective way for fishing or just relaxing on the lake. This is an important difference between the two.


Brass oar locks on the XTS

Many people don’t realize that Classic Accessories switched up their materials for the Colorado XTS, upgrading from bronze oar locks on the XT to brass oar locks. While this doesn’t affect the overall look of the pontoon, it does have a significant impact upon longevity and durability. The brass oar locks are non-corroding, which means your pontoon should continue to perform optimally for longer.

Transport Wheel

Stowable transport wheel on XTS

Like seat positioning, an improvement was made for the XTS.  On the Colorado XT, the transport wheel needs to be physically removed from the underside of the steel frame before use. Although it’s quick and easy to do, it’s not ideal. The XTS addressed this issue by adding a stowable transport wheel that’s simply stored in the framework for the ultimate in convenience.


One of the most attractive features of both Colorado products is that these fishing pontoons are some of the most cost effective on the market. They’ve seemed to manage the perfect balance between fishability, stability, and cost.

Due to the additional features of the Colorado XTS, you can expect to pay around $100 more than for the basic model Colorado XT.

Review summary

Colorado XT Colorado XTS
Weight 68lbs 80lbs
Seat lacks movement swivel
Materials bronze oar locks brass oar locks
Transport wheel remove before use stows in the framework
Price at time of writing, approx $100 extra

Overall, if you’re looking for a simple, easy-to-operate, quick to assemble and light recreational fishing pontoon, the Colorado pontoon boats range from Classic Accessories are excellent choices. These boats are perfect for anglers that enjoy hitting the water solo, or for those who find the larger, more complex pontoons too much of a hassle to set up by themselves.

These rate highly as one of the best one man fishing pontoon boats and gets two thumbs up from us.

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