This Intex Inflatables Duo is a Perfect Pair

Looking for an affordable way to get out on the water with a quality raft and trolling motor?  For under $300 for both these are cheap inflatable boats but not cheap on features.

  • The ‘Intex Seahawk 4′ This 4 person inflatable boat meets the market in terms of durability, space, puncture resistance and value for money.
  • For extra versatility team with the Intex trolling motor for Inflatable boats. Like peanut butter and jelly, these two go together perfectly, creating a whole package boating experience for any budget. In this review we’ll highlight some of this boating duos outstanding qualities and some tips on making this set up a comfortable all day lake cruiser.

Prepare to be surprised if you usually think of a raft as a kid’s toy and not a worthwhile fishing boat.

value, performance, durability with this pontoon boat

Seahawk 4 Inflatable Boat – Not Your Mama’s Raft

This is definitely not a child’s pond style raft. This big guy has a ton of space, the set comes with quality aluminum oars, welded oar locks, holders and a nice pair of fishing rod holders built in to the back are a welcome addition for fishing enthusiasts. While those are definitely mandatory features, let’s talk about how this thing is made.

  • This inflatable is constructed out of 30 gauge PVC
  • This means the raft is one ultra tough, abrasion and puncture resistant monster.The PVC has also been created for use in water that has been exposed to gasoline and oil so using a motor isn’t an issue at all. If you live near brackish water and salt has been a concern with your inflatables before you needn’t worry with this one
  • For safety and stability there are two inflatable chambers and safety handles on each side
  • There’s a hand pump that’s included with purchase but a small electric pump is recommended
  • This inflatable is suitable for calm waters like lakes, dams, and gentle rivers
  • The boat measures 133 x 19.5 x 50 inches when inflated
  • Easily transported, weighing only 46 pounds when deflated

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First to Launch, Last to Load

If you’re an ‘All Day Ray’, there are some customizing options we suggest adding to increase the comfort of this set up.

  1. Flooring – To make it easier to work in and store items on the floor, adding a 3/4 inch subfloor on PVC braces added between the dips can enhance stability and create a level surface for better mobility and stowing space.
  2. If taking a pet out, we suggest putting carpet on the bottom of the boat to protect the soft floor
  3. Another option for comfort is creating off-the-floor seating. While the inflatable seats are great for lounging, if you’re a serious fisherman or woman, different seating will take you from a couple of hours on the water to sunrise to sunset. Strapping stadium seats to a medium size cooler can increase storage space and off the floor seating with back support.

The Seahawk inflatable boat is a good choice for taking the family out in calm water for fun or getting the kids outdoors and fishing. And if you don’t want to be solely dependant on oars, team it with a trolling motor for incredible value.

No trailer, no docking, price, performance, durability brings this team to the forefront of fishing boat competitors.

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