Is The Malibu Stealth 14 The Perfect Fishing Kayak?

Kayak anglers will love this fishing kayak. Designed with the handy bait live-well built in (just in front of the seat), clever storage and casting platform this stable kayak is impressive.

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Malibu Stealth 14

Style: Fishing kayak/ sit-on-top design

Length: 14feet 4 inches/ 437 cm

Width: 33in/84cm

Weight: 64lbs

Max capacity: 550 lbs/ 250kg

Construction: Polyethylene

Malibu Stealth 12 : Mid sized option under $1000

Length: 12ft 4 in/376cm

Width: 33in/84cm

Weight: 57lbs/26kg

Max capacity: 450lbs/205kg

Ample on board storage

  • 3 piece center bait system
  • front ‘gator hatch’ system
  • built-in live bait holder (or use as a drinks cooler)
  • 4 rod holders
  • stand-up platform in center of boat

Handling: Although 14 feet, you’ve only 64 lbs to handle

Best use:

Water: lakes/rivers/ open water launch light off shore/surf

Skill level: good stability for beginners with versatility for anyone wanting to take fishing/camping/canoeing to the next level

Malibu kayak price

  • The Stealth 12 will get up and running quicker, but once up and running the Stealth14 tracks well and glides along nicely

Speed and Stability

A 14ft kayak like this isn’t going to have too much trouble cutting through the water. Even if you’re going tandem you shouldn’t feel any real resistance as you and your partner paddle.

Even with such a slim profile though, we found the Malibu Kayaks Stealth 14 ft fish and dive extremely stable. This makes it a very attractive craft for people who are new to kayaking and may otherwise struggle with keeping balance.

Jump on and Start Paddling

It also helps that this kayak doesn’t have a traditional cockpit. Beginners will love this because they don’t have to seal themselves in, something that most people are understandably nervous about. You don’t have to go to the trouble of learning how to operate when sealed in.

Just jump on top of the kayak and you’re ready to go. This 14ft kayak is a fantastic casual cruiser. You or your friends can just slide it into the water and begin paddling without any formal plans for where you’re headed.

Lightweight and Easy to Move Around

It speaks to the ingenuity of Malibu kayaks that this vessel only weighs in at 64lbs. Given the length, you’d think it’d weigh a lot more, especially when you consider that much smaller vessels are about the same on the scale.

Most people will have no trouble getting this to and from the water with a partner or even coping by themselves. However, if you find it’s taking more work than you’d like, there’s always kayak cart It’s basically a pair of wheels you can attach to one end to make things much easier on yourself.

Spacious and Comfortable

Looking at the sleek profile of this kayak you might think that you’d have to hold your breath to stay within its confines. Surprisingly you get 33inches in the seating area, which should be more than enough for most people.

It also sinks down a foot for your feet. Aside from how much legroom that gives you, the other upside is that you can paddle without engaging your abs as much. Just one more reason this fishing kayak is a casual cruiser anyone can begin using.

With a maximum capacity of 500 pounds, this model manages 2 adults and a child in the rear. Or you can afford to pack supplies for fishing and camping escapes.

  • Great Fishing Kayak

This is a reliable model for anyone who likes to head out into the water to fish or dive.

You fishermen out there will love the fact that this kayak comes with a bait tank built in. It’s a live-well system, so live bait stays just that for the entirety of your excursion. That’s one less piece of equipment you need to pack, though there would be plenty of room for it.

You have 2 places to securely set your rods while you fish. The really nice thing though, is the casting platform. You don’t have to settle for short drops of your line or risking a dunk in the water while you try to balance yourself and cast a decent way out into the water.

The overall stability of this vessel really comes into play when you’re fishing. If you catch a larger fish that wants to put up a fight, you’ll be in a good position to hold your ground (or, well, water).

Obviously, this goes a long way for diving, too. You’ll have no problem getting out of the water thanks to the casting platform, even though the rest of the kayak is so slim.

Easy drain and store

When it’s time to bring the kayak in, you’ll be glad it’s quite lightweight. You’ll also love its thin profile if you have more than one and want to stack them without taking up a lot of room.

The drain plug is simple to use. Just pull it out and let gravity handle the rest of the work for you.

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Malibu 14

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