Choosing the best boat covers

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Regardless of the type of boat you have, whether it’s a v-hull, a Jon, or another type of pontoon you need to make sure you have a strong, resilient boat cover that fits your boat snugly and allows your boat to ‘breathe’.

boat cover for fishing boat

Boat covers an excellent way to protect your boat while it’s out of the water, but it’s an essential item when it comes time to winterize your boat.

Classic boat covers

Boat Cover Materials

boat cover materialsThe first consideration is material; one of the most important when deciding which boat cover ticks the boxe.

Rule 1 if it’s a nylon cover, walk away. Fortunately, nylon boat covers are few and far between, but they do exist. They’re often very inexpensive, but nylon doesn’t hold up well in the sun, If you’re enjoying a few sunny days during the winter, the material is at a very high risk of weakening, potentially leading to damage to your boat.

Acrylic is another material that may seem like a good idea, but we don’t think it’s 100 percent right for the job. The advantage of acrylic, of course, is that it’s a breathable fabric which helps to prevent mold and mildew buildup on your boat. But it’s weak, has low resistance, and is remarkably high maintenance. Acrylic will require additional waterproofing over the years.

Polyester is the preferred material for boat covers. It may fade a little over time but it’s also long lasting, tough and resilient. The problem with polyester though is that it’s not breathable, but many manufacturers have found ways around this issue to come up with excellent products.

pontoon boat coverStellex All Seasons Pontoon Boat Cover

If you’re looking for a good boat cover, Classic Accessories is a good place to start.

The Classic ‘Stellex’ features

  1. a high tech buckle and strap system for easy fitting
  2. an elastic cord at the base of the cover so that you can achieve what’s essentially a custom fit
  3. perfect for trailering providing protection for your boat from the elements

We all know how tricky it can be to find the right fit when it comes to boat covers, and these small but effective features make it easier to get the right fit.

cheap boat coverStorm Pro Boat Cover

  1. 2 air vents which improve airflow and allow moisture to escape, while still keeping the boat fully protected from the elements
  2. A tight fit provided by adjustable elastic hem cord helping to reduce the risk of mold and mildew. Your boat will be kept structurally sound and ensure you’re able to get your boat back on the water quickly and easily in the spring.


It’s not just materials that let some boat covers down, either. An important factor is trailerability. If you prefer inflating your pontoon at home, or if you’re unable to fit your Jon into the back of your vehicle, you’ll either need to secure the boat onto the back of a pickup, or use a trailer. It’s important to remember that not all boat covers are trailerable, and if you anticipate having to transport your boat to and from the water in this manner, a trailerable cover is a must.

The reason why some boat covers are not trailerable is simply because they don’t provide a good enough fit. If they’re loose, they flap during transit or the cover blows away from the boat completely.

The best boat covers are those that are designed to be used with trailers, featuring innovative designs that enable a snug fit. They’ll fit regardless of what accessories or extras you keep on your boat, such as a windshield or bow rails.

  • Boat covers are an essential accessory for winterizing our boats
  • Practically every major outdoor equipment supplier offers their own brand of boat cover, including Covermate, West Marine, and Classic Accessories, but it’s important to realize that boat covers differ greatly between suppliers.

Classic Accessories produce high quality boat covers with a great fit and also have a good range of seat covers.

pontoon boat covers

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