Pontoon Boat Covers

Of all the accessories you can buy to enhance your boating experience, the most important equipment is maintenance related. When you consider that the environment in which a boat usually travels is, at least, unfriendly. Humidity, animals, insects, salt and bad weather can wreak havoc on your boat and equipment.

Boat covers start at a very affordable 150 denier poly boat cover. For maximum protection  from snow, UV rays, wind, rain and dust we recommend a heavy duty 600 denier poly boat cover. These will provide complete protection while traveling and storing your boat.

Stellex boat cover

Stellex Boat Cover

empire cover for pontoon boatsEmpire Covers Aqua Armor Covers

empire covers for boats

Empire Covers Triton cover

dr shrink boat cover

Dr Shrink Pontoon Cover

transhield cover

Transhield Shrinkable Boat storage Covers

Stearns by Classic Accessories Trailerable Hurricane Marine Canvas Boat cover

Stearns by Classic Accessories – trailerable hurricane marine canvas boat cover

Taylor Made covering a choice of colors and sizes

Attwood boat cover


Attwood Pontoon Boat Covers with a choice of colors and sizes

Taylor's boat cover support

Taylor Made Pontoon Boat Cover Support

taylor made products covers for boats

‘Taylor Made’ covers for boats

buy boat covers

This video is interesting, demonstrating how easily a boat cover can be installed.