Pontoon Boat Lifts

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‘Lift Mate’ – 12v motor that converts your manual boat lift to an electric power boat lift

Just as housing a car in a garage is a normal part of maintaining a motor vehicle, a boat lift can be an important part of managing, maintenance, and protection for your pontoon boat.

Boat lifts come in many configurations and it’s important to research the choices thoroughly before purchasing your pontoon boat lift so that you obtain the best result.

When choosing your boat lift and thinking about criteria for your purchase, consider the following points:

  1. Are there county ordinances that specify height or visual restrictions?
  2. Is your craft in fresh water or salt water?
  3. Do you have an existing boathouse, pier or dock?
  4. What is the weight of your pontoon boat?
  5. Are you thinking about upgrading your boat to a larger model?
  6. What weather and water considerations need to be considered?
  7. Will you be installing the boat lift or requiring a contractor?

Where and under what conditions you will be using your pontoon lift will form the basis for your decision.




Craftlander direct drive 100v electric winch kit (remote control) for boat lifts

Manufacturers continue to develop their lift designs to meet the needs of boating enthusiasts, catering for all circumstances. There is a range of boat lifts you can choose from including low-profile, overhead beam, boathouse lift, piling, personal watercraft and jet ski plus custom lifts.

A lift for your pontoon boat is a significant investment and when you are aware of the options available, it will be easier to make the decision of which boat lift best suits your needs.

Click on this link to find out about protecting your boat during long periods of non-use, ensuring it’s in ship-shape condition when spring comes around.