Space Saving & Cheap Power For Your Fish Finder

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fish finderHere is a cheap, space-saving power idea for your fish finder from author Norb Wormald

This is the set up for my portable fish finder. I have a small 14ft. vee bottom fishing boat. I am very limited for space in the back end with gas can and anchor.

I don’t have room for a regular 12 volt battery so I came up with a cheap way to power the fish finder and save space at the same time.

Buy two small six-volt flashlight batteries, at a local discount store. I got mine for about $3 each. Next tape them together, then wire them in series to provide a 12 volt supply. Connect the power cord to the fish finder as with a normal hook up.

This saves you lot of money, space, and there’s no heavy weight to lug to and from the boat. I use my fish finder whenever I want to check out a certain area of the river. Normally it is off 90 percent of the time I am on the water. I get a number of trips with this setup before I have to buy more batteries. I wish you all plenty of action and tight lines!

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