How To Buy A Used Pontoon Boat

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61lpLaihhaLThe old saying ‘buyer beware’, is our starting point. However having said that, there are plenty of reasons to consider buying a used pontoon boat. Firstly, buying a used pontoon boat means you are likely to spend less money, and secondly, there may be room for negotiation depending on the sellers needs and price asked.

If you are planning to purchase your used pontoon boat from a dealer it’s advisable to check that they are a member of the relevant state or national boating industry association.

  • If the pontoon boat is on a trailer you’ll be able to inspect the pontoons and make sure they are in suitable condition.
  • Check the engine hours and ask the owner for copies of receipts for the maintenance work. Note any steering, pontoons or engine repairs work that has been done
  • If the pontoon boat is in the water ideally it will be possible to take the boat for a sea trial.


A survey may be needed if you are looking for finance for the purchase and is often required by an insurance company.  Choose an independent surveyor and the pontoon boat should be surveyed both in and out of the water. It is the buyer who pays for the survey and for having the boat taken out of the water for the inspection. If the survey uncovers any problems you might not have been aware of,  you may be in a position for further negotiation. You’ll also be able to get an idea of maintenance items that will need immediate attention and the cost involved.


Insuring your pontoon boat can be an unwelcome expense. However there are ways of minimising the premium.  For example,

  • choosing a higher deducible can reduce the cost of your boat insurance
  • safety equipment – ensure the boat is well-supplied
  • ensure there are no fuel burning appliances on board
  • check with your insurer as sometimes a small pontoon boat can be added to your household insurance policy

Don’t forget to insure your pontoon boat once you take ownership, even if the boat is not yet in the water.

protect your investment with the right trailer and boat cover

Boat Trailer

Thoroughly check out the trailer if the used pontoon boat you are considering buying is on a trailer. Trailering a boat can be very stressful and it’s important that it is properly set up and adjusted. Your boat and trailer need to be compatible and with the right trailer you’ll hardly be aware that you are towing a boat to the lake or river. And importantly, if the boat’s pontoons aren’t supported adequately, the trailer can damage your pontoon boat. Check out our link here to learn trailering and towing techniques.

The savings you make purchasing a second hand pontoon boat may mean you can be out on the water sooner than if you have to wait and save for a new model. Refurbishing a used pontoon boat can be a great project and another way that you can make savings. Your hard work will be rewarded with a vessel that looks like new.

But wait! Before you buy a used pontoon boat there is another way to purchase your boat …

Everyone wants to find a great deal when they buy their boat, right? Well, if you could cut out the middle man you’d be able to save a lot of money, wouldn’t you?

You’ve probably heard of government car auctions … well, there are also government, police and state boat auctions where you can bid on boats and get amazing deals. There are auctions held in all states and the Government Auctions website will show you how to access them.

For a one-time membership fee you will have access to all the government, state and police boat auction info in every state! You will have the opportunity to find a cheap pontoon boat and fulfill your boating dreams.


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