Lifetime Kayaks Review – The Manta Tandem Recreational

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If you’re looking for a kayak that’s fun and easy to use for 2 people, keep reading. The Lifetime 10 foot Manta tandem kayak has a lot going for it and won’t hurt your budget too much either.

atunnel hull design provides stability

Lifetime Manta

Style: Tandem kayak

Length: 10 feet

Weight: 60lbs

Capacity: Up to 3 people (depending on size)

Weight capacity: 500lbs

Construction: UV protected Polyethylene rotational molded construction


10foot length makes easy transporting and storage

Extra stability provided by the tunnel hull

Mast receiver – designed to receive a sail

Footrest positions for different size paddlers

Molded front and rear carry handles

2 x 2piece paddles included

Warranty: 5 year limited manufacturer

  • Seats 2
  • 2 soft back seats
  • high & dry seating

Best use: recreational/ families

Good stability and tracking

Water: versatile, fun even in small surf

Skill level: beginners/all experience levels

Paddle solo/ tandem + small child

  • Limited space for storage

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5 reasons this kayak’s in the mix

1. Large and roomy

The first thing you’ll notice about this tandem kayak is that it doesn’t lack for space. It’s 10 feet long, but you also get a solid 3 feet across the seating area. This makes it a comfortable kayak for people of all sizes with room for those longer trips.

You could fit 3 people on here, (as long as you don’t go over the weight capacity of 500 pounds).

At the same time, many tandem kayaks are much, much larger. You could easily find one that is 13 feet long or more. Unless you have a specific use for that much length, a 10-footer like this one is going to be perfect. It’s very roomy but still not difficult to move around.

Keep in mind too, that this space is complemented by two padded seats with soft cushions for backrests.

2. Lightweight and easy to move

The size of this kayak and its tunnel hull can be a bit deceptive. It might lead you to believe that it’s going to be heavy or unwieldy, but the exact opposite is true.

For one thing, the kayak only weighs 60 pounds. 2 people will have no problem picking it up and moving it into the water. But if you want to go out on your own, it’s not going to be too hard to grab one end and drag it in.

Most people don’t even have trouble lifting it up over their heads to place it on their vehicles for transporting long distances.

Of course if you find it a bit cumbersome to move around by hand, you can order a simple wheel cart. Starting at around $30 kayak carts basically work as a second pair of hands to grab the other side of the kayak while you move it.  Couldn’t be easier.

3. Great for people of all experience levels

Although you can use this kayak on all kinds of bodies of water, this definitely isn’t the model you want to take down some rapids.

Instead, it’s more of a casual kayak, albeit a versatile one. This makes it a good choice for people of all abilities.

It’s “high and dry” seating keeps the riders up off the kayak’s floor. If you’re a hardcore kayaker who loves whitewater, this might not be a concern, but most people appreciate being able to stay fairly dry while paddling their kayak.

Its tunnel-hull design is great for beginners, too. The shape makes it very easy to manage even when paddling out through small surf. No matter what kind of body shape you have or how long you’ve been kayaking, this option will make it easy to have fun and get moving. Because the tunnel hull gives great stability it’s near impossible to the ‘Manta’ over.

4. Get in and go

Designed for you to just jump in and start paddling. It’s this type of ease of use that makes it popular across all experience levels and for people who kayak in everything from oceans to small lakes.

5. Add a sail

One fun feature of this kayak is that it’s designed to receive a sail. The mast receiver receptacle is located right around the middle of the body. While you’ll need to buy the sail yourself, if you decide to, you can then fly over the water without having to use any of your own energy. If nothing else, it’s a fun way to mix things up a bit, especially if you want to take the kids out for some fun.


  1. This tandem kayak doesn’t come with a ton of space. There’s more than enough for you and another person (and even a third), but this isn’t the type of kayak you’d want to use for a camping trip. You just won’t have storage space.
  2. It’s not a terrible choice for a fishing trip, but it’s not ideal for this. You could take a pole and a small tackle box though.


It’s the perfect mix of beginner-friendly and proficient. You won’t have to worry that it’s design is so stable that it will be difficult to push through the water.

Lifetime has lived up to its reputation with its 10 foot Manta tandem kayak. It’s a good choice for regular laps, going down the river or just as a fun kayak for family to paddle around at the cabin.

Although it doesn’t offer a lot of space for trips where you’d need to take equipment and supplies, there’s enough for some decent fishing and to accommodate comfort while aboard.

If you’re in the market for a fun and affordable kayak, the 10 foot Manta kayak gets our recommendation.

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About Lifetime

Although it’s now a name known all over the world for manufacturing everything from kayaks to sheds to picnic tables and much more, the company had very humble beginnings.

It was started in Riverdale, Utah back in 1986. There, a man walked into his garage determined to build a better basketball hoop for his family – nothing more.

Fast forward several decades and Lifetime is now a company with more than 1,500 employees and a reputation for innovating across different verticals.

Perhaps its most notable accomplishment is right in its name, though. Lifetime is a company that builds products meant to last customers that long.

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