Minn Kota’s Edge is a Reliable, No Frills Trolling Motor

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You’ll find a power rating that’s ideal for small and medium boats in the Edge trolling motor range. The Edge 55 has an added advantage of the choice of prop designs.

This is a good option for many reasons, not the least being the affordable price, and the reputation of Minn Kota.

It’s the one for you if you’re looking for a trolling motor for a small boat.

Minn Kota Edge (freshwater trolling motor)

This is the bow-mounted model for freshwater use; buy the riptide edge if you’re going to use in saltwater. It’s designed to accommodate either a traditional hand tiller, or a foot pedal.

The Edge is available in 3 thrusts – a 45 lbs system, a 55 lbs system, and a 70 lbs system.

Note: both the 45 and the 55 are 12-volt systems, while the 70 is a 24-volt system.

You can choose the Edge with any of 3 shaft length options – 36, 45 or 52 inches – depending on your needs (where you’ll be fishing). These are the options for each model:

  • Edge 45 lbs – 36″/45″/50″ shafts
  • Edge 55 lbs – 45″/52″ shafts
  • Edge 70 lb – 45″/55″ shafts

For the Edge 45 and 55 lb models you will also find a hand control option available.

Trolling motor for a small boat
The 45″ shaft length is best for small boats with bows measuring 15″ – 20″ bow to water line



Perhaps the most important part of the Edge is the composite shaft. It’s guaranteed for life, and made from durable materials that will stand the test of time and hard use.

Speaking of guarantees, the entire trolling motor is covered by a 2-year warranty from Minn Kota.

Edge options are shorter shafts 36″ through to 52″.

  • Note: the 45″ shaft  length is best for boats with bows 15″ – 20″ from bow to water line.
  • Choose the 52″ shafts for boats with bows measuring 21″ to 27″ bow to water line.

Shaft length

*It’s important to get this right because a bad choice can cause the motor to cavitate (create bubbles) which makes noise and scares fish.

There are greater possible variations in bow-mount shaft lengths than transom mounts. This is because the distance to water level measurement is generally similar in transom-mounts.

To work out which size you need, measure from the mounting surface down to the water level.

Guide for choosing shaft length

Shaft Length guide Bow to waterline measurement
36" 0" - 10"
42" - 45" 16" - 22"
48" - 52" 22" - 28"
54" - 62" 28" - 34"
72" 34" - 44"

Minn Kota’s guide recommends ‘adding 5″ to waterline measurement for fishing in rough water and adding 12″ to waterline measurement for steering a hand control motor while standing’.

Latch and door mount

The mount system is made from marine grade aluminum and is a light and strong to provide a stable mounting surface. In real terms it means you can remove the motor quite easily and conveniently stow it for the next outing.

Foot control

The foot control has a heel-toe action for responsive steering. With a 5 ft cable, it’s built from a high impact and durable composite material.

Run time

Performance in terms of run time depends on water conditions and type of battery used. However, as a guide, the manufacturer gives these stats as a guide when using a 100 amp battery

  • top speed – 2 hours
  • medium speed – 4 hours
  • slow speeds  – 14+ hours

Motor speed

The motor has a fixed setting 5 speed motor so you have plenty of choice to find the perfect pace, whether you’re edging up to undergrowth or just getting into position nearer to shore.

Directional indicator

An illuminated directional indicator is a nice touch, and allows you to see where you’re located at any time, even if the sun’s going down or in inclement weather.

Weedless Wedge®

Some Edge models (eg Edge 55) offer you a choice between 2 Minn Kota prop designs.

Weedless Wedge and Power pros

You might be wondering what’s the difference between Weedless Wedge® and Power Prop®?

Here it is in a nutshell. The Weedless Wedge helps to lessen the chance of weeds wrapping around the prop and shaft, while the Power Prop provides additional thrust at less than top speed.

The big advantages of the weedless wedge’ prop are the ability to push through heavy vegetation and push weeds away while conserving battery power.

“If you’re going to be fishing in a weedy environment you should be checking out a model with the weedless prop.”

Model comparison table

Edge 44lb Edge 55lb
boat length 16' to 17' 18' to 20'
Fully loaded boat weight 2,200 lbs 2,700 lbs
Shaft length 36", 45" 50" 45", 52"
Autopilot No No
Battery meter No No
Build-in directional indicator Yes Yes
Food pedal responsive steering (5 ft long cable) Yes Yes
'Weedless wedge' ® prop No Yes
Hand control option Yes Yes

Riptide Edge (saltwater)

Minn Kota’s Riptide series is all about saltwater performance, and the Riptide Edge is no different. It takes the features found on the standard Edge, and packages them all up in a corrosion resistant product.

You have the benefits found in the freshwater motor, including the latch and door bracket, however it does lack the foot pedal. With that being said, this trolling motor is available in 2 additional capacities. There’s a 12-volt, 55 lbs system, and a 24-volt, 70 lbs system.

The Riptide Edge also comes with the same lifetime guaranteed composite shaft, as well as extra-large windings to cool the motor faster.

Importantly, the motor has quiet running technology that’s stops you spooking the fish. The entire lower motor housing is coated in aluminum to prevent corrosion, and features additional protection to help ensure a long use life.

While it might lack the foot control found on the freshwater Edge, the Riptide Edge is an excellent motor for small and medium craft.


The Edge trolling motor offers plenty of power and performance in a small package that easily fits on a small boat. Whether freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing, you’ll find that the Minn Kota Edge family has something to offer you.

However, if you’re looking for innovation plus reliability, there are few better options on the market to check out.

You might want to consider stepping up to the Maxxum range for 101 lbs of thrust, variable speed models. The freshwater model has the ‘bow guard 360’ to protect the motor and bow from damage and is a practical addition.

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