Best Mini Pontoon Boat

We’ve been testing and comparing mini pontoon boats for many years and the following boats have been voted Best Mini Pontoon Boat and have received great reviews consistently. We recommend that you check these out.


2 person pontoon fishing boat




2 person foldcat fishing boat


Overall best 2-person mini Pontoon Boats

Outcast Fish Cat 13 Pontoon Boat

Overall performance choice Average User Rating:stars-4.5

This strong, versatile fishing boat can handle fishing rivers with some rapids. Stable and maneuverable, it’s ideal for overnight fishing trips, with plenty of cargo room. Durable construction with an aluminum frame and 20″ diameter PVC pontoons, the Fish Cat 13 can withstand rugged river conditions. Better still, by removing the front frame module, it can be converted to a 1-person expedition raft.  Best price here for Outcast Fish Cat 13

SeaEagle FoldCat

Overall economy and portability choice Average User Rating:stars-4.5

Other boats can take up to 45 minutes to assemble, but you’ll be fishing in your FoldCat in under 5 minutes. Of all the mini pontoon boats we’ve looked at, the FoldCat is the best, most economical portable option. It’s a top quality product produced by Sea Eagle. These boats offer everything that an angler could want, and perform well in both lakes and rivers. Available in 2-person and 4-person versions. Find out more here

The following fishing pontoon boats also receive good reviews, and deserve to be featured for different reasons. The criteria we’ve used is based on solo fishing, value for money, features and options that suit different water conditions. Here’s a selection of the best.

solo pontoon boat best solo fishing pontoon Outcast PAC 1000
Average User Rating:stars-4.5The PAC 1000 is a one angler boat that’s handy for both river and lake fishing. This boat is equally good for both fly and spin fishing. The pontoons on this boat are made out of 1100 denier PVC, which is extremely durable. The PAC1000 is extremely maneuverable and a pleasure to fish from. Visit Outcast PAC 1000 Now
fishing pontoon boat Under $600 Outcast Fish Cat Streamer
Average User Rating:stars-4.5A compact, high-performance, budget friendly boat designed to provide smooth and efficient maneuvering with fins or oars. The Streamer XL pontoon boat’s sturdy, angler-friendly six-piece steel frame includes a motor mount and anchor system with durable pontoons made from 600 Denier PVC fabric. Visit Outcast Fish Cat Streamer now
 inflatable 2 person fishing pontoon A quality, reliable 2 person option Outcast Pac 1200
Average User Rating:stars-4.5This boat is one of the most popular mini pontoon boats on the market. It’s made by reputable manufacturer Outcast, so quality isn’t an issue. The 11-piece aluminum frame breaks down for easy transport and the split frame design allows the boat to be used solo or tandem. The front seat pedestal can also be replaced with a cooler. Visit Outcast PAC 1200 Now
inflatable pontoon boat

Calm water fishing and under $650 Colorado XTS Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Average User Rating:stars-4.5Colorado range is designed more as a gentle recreation boat, perfect for lake fishing. It’s a 9 foot, quick to assemble, light, easy to operate recreational fishing pontoon weighing in at 80lbs. An excellent compromise between fishability, stability, and cost. Find out more on the Colorado XTS here now

light pontoon boat

Lightweight – under 70lbs Colorado XT Fishing Inflatable Pontoon Boat

If you need the lighterweight option in the Colorado range this is for you. At just 68lbs you can trade some XTS options for lighter weight. Bronze oar locks instead of brass, seat static instead of swivel, and removable transport wheel instead of stowable. Expect to pay around $100 less thans the XTS for this option. Find out more on the Colorado XT here now

cheap inflatable fishing boat

Under $250 Classic Accessories Roanoke Inflatable Pontoon Boat

Weighing just 43 lbs this lightweight and easy to maneuver 8 foot boat has a capacity of 350lbs. Features molded plastic fold-down seat, adjustable footrests to cater for a range of leg lengths and under the seat fabric storage backed with a 1 year warranty. When budget is a concern, this is a cheap, entry level option. Find out more abut this inflatable boat here

A great way to fish a narrow river, a pond or a small lake is with a mini pontoon boat. These boats are useful for many types of fishing, from fly fishing in northern streams to lure fishing.

Personal pontoon boats are perhaps one of the best watercraft for solo or two-person angling.

The key to choosing the right mini pontoon boat is to purchase your boat from a reputable manufacturer and it should last you for many years. A quality manufacturer will stand behind their mini pontoon boats.


Review updated August 2017